Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Many of our faithful blog life followers have questioned where we have been for the past 3 years.  Why no knew posts have been published since our nomadic family returned "home" to Texas, the answer is simply this... coming back to the land of comfort has been the most difficult thing God has ever asked us to do.  It has not been a journey that I wanted to chronicle, forever written down.  Though one day maybe our hearts will be mended to that point of sharing, for now those years are mostly left blank... but not empty, for it was those years of mending and healing that lead us to a new path that we believe God carved out especially for our family of five (now)!  A pathway that leads a simple 7 hours away from home and to a new place to rest called Amarillo!  So here it is, the blog is back on and our hearts are back to soaring, back to where they always belonged... serving those most deserving of service, practicing the purest form of religion, loving the defenseless and sharing the only thing we have, ourselves!  Hold on guys, here God goes again!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Child the World Passed By

I saw her fragile frame first thing
Inside concrete walls built high
With hundreds of neglected hands, lifted up to mine.
Some saying 'mommy', some falling silent
All of them hoping that I had come to save them.

Cutting sharp through quite chaos
Her strained eyes caught hold of mine.
The Child the world passed by.

And every time I come to visit
Her little arm predictably wraps tightly 'round
and her face gets tucked away
Inside my skin she tries to hide her pain.
And we walk, no longer separate but now together
Me, kissing hundreds of little dirt smudged fore-heads
Brushing away dark strands from all of their brown eyes
Listening to each ones story, Smiling when they smile.

All the while being clung to
By the Child the world passed by.

To me she never speaks a word
But then she never has to.
Her eyes alone tell of a lonely world,
  a broken home,
  a hurt I've never known.
A dream she no longer dares to dream
At twelve years old, she knows her fate.
Simply because the world never stops,
while she waits.

And she knows what happens next
And she knows how her story will end,
  and so do I.

And I wish that I could slow the earth.
And change the way that this world spins.
And ask of us to not walk by, to not move on another step in our lives
Until we stop and look in her eyes
And tell her Why.
Why, she's the Child the world passed by.

~amanda elaine

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So what in the world are we up to now, you might ask...

Well it’s been eight weeks now since we have moved back to Texas.  You would think that would be sufficient time to get re-adjusted to life in the states but after living abroad for almost five years, sometimes we feel more foreign than we do normal!  It doesn’t help that we came home because of unforeseen reasons but God is proving as always that His ways are clearly not our ways anyway.  So we are learning to just let go and learn a new/old way of life.  

Since returning home, Jason has answered a new calling.  While we lived in Guatemala this past year Jason said on several occasions that if he ever got the chance to get a medical education he would jump on it.  Nurses are a huge demand in missions, and so many people die before getting the help they need simply because there is no one near who can help them.  So it was not the least bit odd that when we found out for sure that we were to stay in America for a long while he immediately enrolled in MCC’s RN nursing program.  We are very proud of him, he has always had a knack for helping the sick (or just about anyone) and I know that there is a need for people with hearts like his in our hospitals today.  The director of the RN program said he was a shoe in and so this past Monday Jason went back to school and our home got a little quieter with one less boy hanging out!

Amanda has decided not to “go to work”.  It was a hard decision for our family, but we feel like if we’ve learned anything over these years in missions it is that we were put on this earth to do just that, mission work.  We can live without many of the creature comforts as we have done for the past five years and, Lord willing, Amanda will spend her days volunteering and making a difference the only way she knows how by hugging and loving on the un-loved. She has begun the process of applying for volunteer work through Mission Waco for the children’s summer programs.  We’ve lived a God lead life up to this point so that is how we will continue to live… one day at a time and for Him!  It is a legacy we hope to pass on to our children one day.

If we were to give our new mission a name I think we would name it “Everyday Missions” basically living Missional Lives Wherever We Are.  We’ve always preached that ALL are called no matter where you live, there is work to be done and it seems God is asking us to back up our words with actions now and do Missions right here in Waco, TX… who would have ever thought?!?!?!  So get ready Waco, The Butcher’s are back and they have a lifetime of lessons just waiting to spill over into everyday life!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Zacapa, Guatemala Government Orphanage

Thanks to team Ted, this month we got invited to go and help out one day at the Government Orphanage nearby our town. It was quite a day and hard for us to leave this amazing group of kids, but we have the promise of a return trip soon! Here are some pics of our day!

The Nursery had about 10 babies in it...
these were the littlest ones!

This little girl would not let go of me when it was time to leave...
I have prayed for her every night since that day.

Such a cutie, she hid behind me and would not let Jason see her
and then all of the sudden she was running to jump in his lap!

Two more nursery babies, the little girl on the left was named Gloria...
and she had a glorious smile that never ended!

Chandler is on the right playing soccer with the kids!
He fit right in with his new friends!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Medical Clinic ~ Team Hope for Tomorrow

The future medical clinic is well on it's way now! The teams over the past year have put on the roof, poured the floor, designed the rooms and now added electrical plugs and lights in each room! Little by little every thing is coming together and in the mean time the church is able to use the building as it's Sunday School class rooms and activity center!

Mrs. Sara busting some concrete!

Team Tim, Ted and Jeff

Jason and Tim in their Hope For Tomorrow Shirts!
Miss. Vasti and her Sunday School Class